Thijs Koelink is a photographer and self taught filmmaker, originally from the Netherlands. He translated his graphic background into photographs and short films, both having the dynamic and in your face attitude that he found in street art. He uses a panorama format, so he can capture a very wide surface; this results in an estranged image. Sometimes he even uses the same film twice to enlarge this estranged feeling.

Thijs Koelink studied photography in The Netherlands and was an intern at the Martin Parr – Magnum Photos – Office in London. His work has been exhibited internationally, from The Dutch Photo Museum (Rotterdam), Huis Marseille (Amsterdam) to Saatchi&Saatchi Gallery (London).

His photographic work ‘Structures’ has been a solo exhibition in Gallery Louiza in Antwerp (Belgium) and STUDIO AYQIDO Gallery (Utrecht). The exhibition for Urban’s Finest Gallery (Oct. 2014, Utrecht) was an installation, where audiovisuals were projected inside a sea-container and photo-prints were presented on the outsides of the container.

Artwork from the latest exhibition ARCHITEXTURE was made in La Defence, Paris. This exhibition is part of the MAP project, together with Bruno Slagboom. This photographic project is about the passion for contemporary and modern structures.

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